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How Is Giving Actually Help You Get More

Giving is the cherry on the top of money cake. It’s that reward you give to yourself by giving it to others. It’s that sense of purpose taking a solid form. Is the reason we live: to make other people’s life a little brighter just because we were a part of it. To leave that positive fingerprint on the world.

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

But is there an actual way that, helping others through charity or any kind of gifts, is making us more productive? The answer is yes, and I will make a list with the ways giving help us be more productive.

1. You have a sense of gratitude

When you give to people in need, you will nurture in your soul that sensitivity to feel other people’s pain. That sense of gratitude because you are so blessedHow is giving actually help you get more with all the amazing gifts you have in life, and you are in that position in which you can take from your own good and give it to others.

When you are grateful for what you have, you are filled with huge amounts of joy. It will overflow inside your soul. That will make you feel really good, and feeling good means that you will give 110% to what you are doing, either if it’s a job or a business.

2. You have a sense of purpose

Sure, we have dreams and needs to fulfill, but life is about “We”, not about “I”. You definitely need to follow your dreams and make you feel happy, but the effect is amplified when you give it to others.

When you make someone else happy that makes you feel alive. You feel like you have a purpose in this world, and that purpose is to make other people’s life a little sweeter.

3. You have the clarity

Is nothing so awakening like giving. When you live just for yourself, the mind gets cluttered into the shadows of own illusions. You start to block out any other pain that happens around you. That means you start to block out reality. And that’s not good for our mind or for our productivity.

When you ignore the suffering outside of you, when you ignore reality, the mind doesn’t have the clarity anymore. That’s why I know giving makes you think clearer. You react and interact, you touch someone so deep inside that you can see him / her soul. Just because you did a small act of kindness for them.

The world won’t be a mystery for you anymore and you will know that you can change things. If you make someone else’s life happier, you know you can have an impact on what’s around you. That makes your mind more alert, wise and swift at thinking. But also, being able to see the outside reality better makes your mind more capable of reacting in a productive way to the situations around.

4. You get more confidence

This is the effect of being able to impact someone’s life in a positive way. Sure, we all control our own lives and happiness, but being able to make someone else happy? That’s amazing!

It makes you feel confident in your strength, in your own purpose and in your own feelings. Because you realized that you were sensitive to that person’s needs, and that is something extraordinary. This makes it easier to trust your instincts and be more productive.

5. You get more love

Giving is an act of love. The more you spread the more love you get back.  Call it karma, life, God’s reward, the law of attraction, it doesn’t matter. This is how things work in life. What you give is what you get back. Sometimes, with a little boost.

So you get more love, how that makes you more productive? Well,  love is the biggest treasure we can have in this world. If you feel loved you feel complete, you feel happy, you feel uplifted. You are in the clouds. That makes you stronger, wiser and immune to anything stressful in your path. This is the best productivity combo you will ever get.

Now you got all the reason to give, so you could get more. What is the reason that most resonates with your life? What actions will you take to help more people voluntarily? Share it with us in the comments. 

Cornel Manu

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  1. Alex Liang

    I always say this. Giving is the ultimate form of confidence. You stop being self-conscious when you’re too focused on giving pleasant conversation. I think that’s why giving is so helpful. It helps you get out of your head and touch base with reality.

    1. Cornel Manu

      I agree with you, but this is not just about giving a pleasant conversation. Giving, in general, is making us better. And as you said, it makes us more grounded and more confident, because we are not anymore just in our mind.

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