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Make People Around You Happy and You Will Be Happy

This is the definition of happiness from my point of view. Putting a smile on someone else face, making their lives a little better just because you were there, that can make you truly happy.

Emotions amplify when we share them

Each and every emotion we have gets amplified when you share them with other people. Happiness is no exception. Make people around you happy and you will be happyHappiness is that state of greatest good feeling, that comes along with a loving, compassionate heart and solid will. It is a complete feeling that humans can have.

We have it by instinct. Think about a child and how happy is, and how it finds joy in every single thing that comes along in life. A child can see a ladybug walking on a leaf and that makes it happy. And they have the most lasting will and unconditional love that a human can have. Now, how do we lose this? Simply, by making things more complicated than they are and by focusing on the bad situations in our life. This comes along with settling for a life that doesn’t make us happy.

We are meant in the world for a purpose and for a reason. And I said “we” because that’s the purpose, to live together, grow together, achieve together and love together. You can’t live by yourself. I mean, you can, but that will make you feel awful. That’s why it’s so important for us to remember how vital is sharing. Sharing our emotions, our happiness, our smiles, making the life of those around us a little brighter just because they’ve met us. This is the true meaning of life.

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When you give the best out of you, you will bring the best out of others too

Happiness is contagious, and it spread to all areas of your life. Every person that comes in contact with you gets touched by your happiness and will feel the need to spread it around. You can’t believe how much impact can one person have on another. It can change your whole life: one meeting with a person that is truly positive and inspiring, one touch of your loved one that makes you realize he or she is your everything, one sentence of encouragement giving out by someone from your family.

When I was younger and much less optimistic than I am now, I had my first huge crush on a girl who I’ve met online. Maybe it sounds kind of silly but I was always that extremely passionate kind of guy. We tried something but it became nearly impossible when she had to move out to another country. But I will always remember when she asked me, for my own good, to see a movie called ” The Secret”. Because she noticed that I am way too depressed and negative. That’s the moment when everything changed for me. If someone else would have told me, I wouldn’t listen. But because I loved her so much I listened and it changed my whole life by changing my perspective. It made me understand that my life is my creation.

My point is, when you give the best out of you, you don’t only get appreciation from others. But you will also feel appreciation for yourself. You will be happy with yourself, fulfilled, and you will feel like your life really have a meaning. And that’s the best feeling in the world. All you have to do is make those around you smile. They will feel the need to make someone else smile too.

Be an example of positive behavior

You take away all the other luxuries in life, and if you can make someone smile and laugh, you have given the most special gift: happiness.

Brad Garrett

We need this so much! It’s not just for the sake of a better world, but also for a better life. We, as humans, are born with a deep sense of greatness inside of us. Each and every one of us. We crave to achieve our maximum potential. That’s why we are here for to give our best, to love with our best and do our best.

When we try to enlighten someone else life we enlighten our own life. Being a positive example is mostly the best way to influence people to achieve their best. It’s not about just preaching the good, is more about doing the good. Offering your seat to an elder person, buy some food for a homeless or just simply get involved in a charity. These small acts of kindness and compassion are the true meaning of life.

What we give is what we have and get back to us! Keep spreading the love

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