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Different Kinds of Coffee and Their Benefits

It’s common knowledge that coffee gives us superpowers. But aside from the jolt of energy, a cup of coffee also provides a lot of health benefits as we have previously discussed here on Ambition Oasis. And as it turns out, different kinds of coffee also possess different positive effects, too.


Comprising almost 60% of the world’s coffee production, Arabica is known for its versatility. Because it is not as strong and bitter as Robusta, it is commonly used for consumer level coffee products to cater to the widest possible variety of tastes.

But don’t underestimate this ‘mainstream’ type of coffee, as it is loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants contribute in keeping your skin bright and fair. Herbpathy’s overview of Arabica coffee details that it helps in reducing dark circles under the eyes by shrinking blood vessels. The best results can be achieved if you put a layer of ground Arabica and honey over your eyes. Nonetheless, drinking a cup of Arabica regularly can result in similar benefits as well.


Green coffee beans typically refer to unroasted Arabica beans. Because they are essentially uncooked, they have higher chlorogenic acid levels. Chlorogenic acid is claimed to lower high blood pressure and aids in preventing or countering obesity, as it helps burn fat. In fact, such benefits prompt coffee producers to use these beans as a primary ingredient in slimming coffee.

In Pretty Me’s review of Lean N Green Coffee, they explain that green coffee beans work in tandem with Arabica coffee when it comes to converting glucose and fat into energy. This type of coffee also produces a unique nutty or grassy flavor. Some people prefer this taste, which may be described as ‘very organic’.


Robusta is the second most produced coffee and it’s known for its strong taste. True to its name, the Robusta coffee plant can grow practically anywhere and is very resistant to disease. It is the coffee of choice of many coffee aficionados and those who want their coffee bold and bitter.

This kind can have as much as twice more caffeine than Arabica and thus packs a hefty punch. It has 25% – 80% more chlorogenic acid (CGA), too. CGA helps in reducing joint pain, inflammation, and even prevent diabetes.

If you need something to prime you up for an intense physical activity like a workout, a cup of Robusta coffee is perfect for the job.


Much rarer than Arabica and Robusta, Liberica was once the world’s most popular coffee variant. Arabica has eclipsed Liberica in terms of market share, but many still crave for the latter’s unique taste.

It has smoky, fruity, and floral notes that may startle those who are not used to it. Because of its malty aftertaste, it is best enjoyed as a mild brew.

There’s not a lot of studies about Liberica coffee’s specific health benefits, but it is rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, all of which are good for the body.


Excelsia only accounts for 3% of the world’s coffee production. Like Liberica, it is rare and has a complex flavor that brewers use to add a different kick to their mix. Adding a dash of Excelsia to your brew will give it citrus and earthy notes.

It contains the same phytochemicals as other varieties, and these plant-based nutrients are attributed to reduced risk of cancer and coronary heart disease.


Whichever of these tasty coffee types you enjoy, you can be sure that you will get a lot of health benefits besides the sweet aroma. So either if you enjoy it simple or with milk, make sure you pour yourself another cup of this awesome drink!

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