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Start your Mornings with Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

This is the most common reason people have unhealthy bodies: they don’t start their mornings properly. Tell me your morning habits and I will tell you your Start your mornings with healthy habits for a healthy lifelife. Our bodies are complicated machines that during night sleep, some of the processes shut down to low speeds. We need to properly take time in the morning to wake our bodies up, not just for the sake of our health but also for the sake of our general state. If you feel stressed out in the morning, grumpy and in a generally bad mood, that’s because you don’t take the time to wake up your body. Your productivity gets affected, your relationships get broken and everything will go down. Only because you didn’t start it right.

Why is the morning so important for us?

Why would you take 60 – 90 minutes each morning to jumpstart your day? That’s time that you could spend sleeping, right? While that is true, the truth is we live in a rushed world. We get fast there, we get things fast, we talk fast, we think fast, we eat fast food, we see fast images. Everything is so rushed. To the point where our brains become a machine that responds to stimulus. You don’t have time to think, to feel, to be. That’s why morning starts are important.

When you become an automatic responder you get stressed out. How would you like to live your life tied to strings, like a puppet? Not very pleasant, I know. The sad thing is that this is the case for most of our modern life. We respond to emails, texts, duties, traffic lights, someone greeting us, someone asking us a favor. It never ends. We need our time to properly start our bodies, start our mind, our motivation, our vision, our excitement towards life and our clarity.

We need the time to take care of our bodies. A morning routine does that. Away from all the distractions, away from all the stimulants, away from all the things we need to do. The positive results that are coming from this are totally worth it, in a way that not even 10 hours of sleep can’t match it.

Healthy meals before anything

Forget about coffee, forget about sugary cereals, forget about donuts. Your body needs a proper and healthy wake up with nutritional food. You need vitamins, minerals and other goodies not just for the ones you lost during sleep, but also for the energy-consuming day that awaits you ahead.

There’s another reason you should start with a healthy meal. We are programmed to repeat our habits, and it’s scientifically proved that what you eat in the morning you will be attracted to eat all day. That means if you eat junk food, you will be more drawn to eat that all day. But if you start healthy you will continue to eat healthily.

Start with fruits, Green Smoothie, protein shakes, simple yogurt or whole grains cereals. Anything that is healthy and nutritional. Your body will thank you for that, trust me. I also start my day with vitamins and minerals supplement, right after I eat. Combine these with lots of water to flush out the system, and your body will have all it needs to start properly.

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Workout in the morning to start your metabolism

After we properly fueled our body, now it’s time to use that fuel. Working out in the morning has tons of benefits. First of all, your metabolism will start and your body will function properly during the day, you will gain muscles and lose fat. If you don’t work out in the morning, your metabolism won’t start, you will gain fat and lose muscles. Your internal processes need the workout.

Another benefit from working out in the morning is the good mood you get from it. You get motivated, pumped up, excited, relaxed and ready for tackling your goals for the next 16 hours or so. You can focus on your dreams, on what you want to get, on gratitude for what you’ve already had. It’s that “me time” that propels you towards success and progress.

Motivate yourself with speeches

I am strong, I can do this! I can achieve my potential, I can fulfill my dreams, I can live the life that isn’t worth living! I make my own destiny, I make my own success! Everyday and every way I am getting stronger and stronger! 

Any kind of incantation said out loud will change your mood and prepare yourself for the day ahead. You can easily build up your motivation this way. All the good feelings we have, joy, happiness, love, ambition, each and every one of them have to be put there. You don’t just wake up motivated, you have to motivate yourself. Doing it in the morning, with the proper healthy meal and exercises is the perfect ritual to start your successful day.

This is what I do each morning, this is what all successful people do. Because I found the pattern that I need to properly make my body be healthy, make my mind be wise and clear, make my soul fueled with love, motivation, and happiness. I have to habit these good values in me. Once you make these a habit to you, you will automatically follow them the rest of the day.

Make every morning your perfect start! ☀💪

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