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Steps to Fix Hatred Towards How You Look

If you are that kind of person who looks in the mirror and feels like: “Ugh, I hate the way I look!”, this article is for you. I will provide 5 simple steps that will help you increase your willpower, confidence, positivity and it will help you achieve the results you dream of. I’ve been in your position and I know how hard it is and how little progress you make when you have a disgust towards your own appearance. When deep inside you feel like you will never lose weight, no matter how much you try, you will go back on the same path that you struggling to separate yourself from.

First, let’s be honest about it. If you hate the way your body looks, you are in fact just frustrated because you don’t make progress. You don’t like your Steps to fix hatred towards how you lookappearance, but you are mad at yourself because you don’t change it. And you try to find all these reasons to excuse yourself and make it look impossible. It’s not impossible, but it’s hard to advance where you want to go if you don’t align your mind, your heart, and your actions together. You know everything that you need to do, you just lack the motivation to take action and the mental focusing to get you there.

That’s why I came up with these simple steps that will rewire your mind, your spirit, and your body into making it happen. They are easy to do. I made it this way that anyone can achieve it, all it requires is your commitment. You need to follow through at least 90 days to implement a strong habit that will become your lifestyle. If you dedicate it and do it, it will become part of your life, and you will achieve and maintain the body you want. I have to tell you, there’s no secret here. It’s the power of little positive habits that over time creates huge results. Also known as the compound effect (credit: Darren Hardy). Every little positive action you take daily towards your goal makes your dream reality piece by piece. Let’s get to it!

Set your ideal physical image

I assume that deep inside into your subconscious mind you are thinking you will never lose weight. You see yourself always fat or unappealing. I know that you want to get fit, but when you think about how unappealing you look, you create a mental image of yourself. You see, our mind is like a computer. It doesn’t work by itself, it needs a software. An input. Your mental images are your software. They create your results. The mind doesn’t judge, it simply operated by commands. You insert wishes, commands, goals, your mind gives you the results. If you don’t insert anything, your mind will automatically take what it’s most on your thinking.

That’s why the first requirement is to have a mental picture of yourself looking perfectly. It has to be crystal clear and really feel it. Imagine vividly that you are there, and see yourself how you are going to look. See your abs, or fit muscles, or just slim posture. It doesn’t matter how your perfect body looks like, just envision it with clarity. Close your eyes and see yourself like you are already there.  Do it for 5 minutes every day.

It’s not just positive and wishful thinking, these images are commands to your subconscious. Don’t underestimate it. 95% of what you do is controlled by your subconscious mind. Only 5% is the results of your conscious mind. Creating a compelling crystal clear image about your ideal physical condition will command our mind: “This is what I want. This is my goal. Get me there!”

Write down all the pains you get if you don’t achieve it

Take your journal and write down all the pains that you feel or might feel if you don’t lose weight. I know it’s not pleasant, but we need to use our pain efficiently to achieve our goals. Write down how embarrassing is, how unconformable you feel, how unattractive and insecure, how you lack the energy to do the things you love, everything. Go even beyond that and image how you will feel after 20 or 40 more years when you will gain even more weight.

Imagine what you can lose from life, what you might miss, what pain you will cause for those you love. Make it the most painful experience possible if you don’t lose weight. If you don’t take action. Make it hurt you sitting around.

Most people don’t achieve their dreams because they attach pain toward doing it. Towards the discipline, the hard work, the failures, the rejections, the commitment. If you attach pain to something, your brain will do anything to keep you away, so you don’t do it. So attach pain to what you don’t want! The more the better. Make sense, right?

Write down all the pleasures you will get when you achieve it

Now imagine yourself like in the first step, having that perfectly shaped body that you’ve always dreamed about, and write down all the pleasure it will give you. All the energy you will have, all the confidence, all the stamina, all the attractiveness, that joy of life and passion for loving, absolutely everything. Write down all the advantages and good fortunes that your ideal physical condition will provide.

You want to attach as much pleasure as you can to achieving that dream. This is your “why” and it’s one of the most important motivational factors. If you have a strong “why” to achieve something, you can do anything. You can get over any obstacle, no matter how hard it is. Because you will have something so compelling, that will pull you towards it.

Now you should have in your journal the pains you will get if you don’t do it, and all the pleasures you will have when you achieve it.

Choose an exercise habit and do it for 30 days

Now it’s time to do some physical action. No matter how your health condition is, choose a type of exercise that you can do every day. Even if it’s a walk around the block, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a run or going to the gym, make sure that is doable and also something that it’s the best effort you can do. You need to stay committed and do it for 30 days in a row. This will develop your discipline, willpower, confidence, and it will also reinforce the strength into your body. After 30 days this exercise approach that you chose will become a habit.

It’s ok if you pick an easier one. The most important part here is your commitment to it. You don’t want to choose something too hard and not be able to properly do it for 30 days. It’s ok to go with something lighter but be persistent about it. Remember, a river cuts through the mountain with persistence, not force.

My suggestion is to try to do this exercise approach in the morning, because this way you will start your metabolism and have it for the whole day, therefore accelerating fat burning and muscle building.

Make it fun, get a 30-day calendar with boxes and each day you do the exercise routine you put a big red X on that day. Make sure you don’t break the cycle.

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Each 30 day cycle month redo these steps. Do it for 90 days

At the end of each 30 days review this whole process. Go over it step by step. Bookmark this page so it will be easy to come back. Take again each step, and if you feel like you need a better workout, chose a different one. If it’s still hard for you, don’t change it yet. The key to this process is the power of persistence. Not only that will implement strong positive habits like discipline and hard work, but it will also increase your self-esteem and confidence.

Do these for 90 days and your life will never be the same. It will awake and reinforce everything you have dormant in you, it will make you stronger and you can go at even higher health goals.

Share this with a friend in need, and also make sure you share with us in the comments below your story, so that it will inspire other people to achieve their dreams and come out of their limitations. To your health and ideal body!

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