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50 Simple Things You Can Do to Get in Shape

I believe in the power of small habits that gives tremendous success if you do them all the time. Because what we do daily is who we become. So why not some 50 simple things you can do to get in shapesimple small ideas you can implement right now to look better and be healthier? You don’t have to do them all, but I bet you can find at least 7 that you can apply with ease.

Sounds like fun to me. Let’s get to it:

  1. Eat often and small meals.

  2. Drink lots of water.

  3. When you go shopping, walk there or park your car furthest apart from the entrance.

  4. Eat spicy food.

  5. Do 20 Jumping Jacks when you wake up.

  6. Drink a glass of water with lemon squeezed in it.

  7. Waiting for laundry to finish? Do some situps or pushups.

  8. Drink lots of green tea (with lemon). Read about 30 amazing health benefits of green tea.

  9. Use cinnamon to make your coffee more Christmassy and healthy.

  10. Eat an apple a day.

  11. Learn to cook. Do you need a blog where to find healthy and delicious recipes? Check out these healthy recipes from Patricia Anne. #awesome

  12. Don’t fry. Bake or boil.

  13. Snack on raw vegetables.

  14. Increase your daily protein intake.

  15. Be happier. Smile, laugh and don’t stress.

  16. Take a long walk.

  17. If you have the opportunity to stand, instead of sitting down, take it.

  18. Take the long routes on foot and speed up.

  19. Ignite your passion with your loved one in bed as often as possible.

  20. Go to the sauna and swimming.

  21. Vacuuming or doing dishes? Dance your way through it.

  22. Remove sodas and energy drinks from your diet.

  23. Eat dark chocolate, at least 75% cacao.

  24. Take multi vitamins and minerals supplement.

  25. Quit smoking.

  26. Don’t count calories, focus on nutritional value.

  27. Side salads are always good.

  28. Diet six days, treat yourself the 7th.

  29. Do stretching daily.

  30. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  31. Get an online weight loss buddy to motivate you to lose weight.

  32. Meditate and do breathing exercises.

  33. Watch TV one hour less.

  34. Clean something rigorously once a week.

  35. Eat in front of mirrors.

  36. Don’t buy prepared food at all.

  37. Get a fitness tracker and do 1,000 more steps daily.

  38. Cut down salt.

  39. Don’t buy snacks when you go shopping. If you want a bag of peanuts, you have to walk there to buy them.

  40. Eat breakfast big and nutritional. 

  41. Buy some fitness weights.

  42. Get enough sleep. Don’t oversleep and don’t undersleep. 

  43. Eat every single meal. Don’t starve.

  44. Try to eat as many alkaline foods as possible. Read more about it in my article about top secrets behind eating well while losing weight.

  45. Always go for natural.

  46. Forget about the scale. Monitor your shape. Keep in mind that 1 kg of muscle is much smaller in volume than 1 kg of fat. That means you can have the same weight but be more fit and sexy if you increase muscle mass and decrease fat.

  47. Become a fruit junkie. Eat them, don’t drink them!

  48. Take “before” and “after” photos to keep tracking your progress. Weekly and monthly are both fine.

  49. Wear tight clothes. It will motivate you more than you imagine.

  50. Get a gym motivation playlist to listen. High tempos increase your blood flow. 

That’s it, guys, I hope you like it. They are simple, they are easy, they are fun and I can guarantee you that all of these have great effects over time for your body and helps you lose weight.

The problem with losing weight is that people make it way too hard and way too unpleasant. That’s why they don’t stick to it. But if you use simple habits repeated consistently, you will get amazing results over time. Remember: consistency is the key to success. 

Action to take: Note down on a piece of paper at least 7 things from this list that you can apply to your life. Start using them immediately.

How do you feel about them and which ones you applied to your life? Leave your comments below and share some personal tips with us.

For the body you wish to have! 👏

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