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Looking at the Big Picture Can Be the Most Motivating Thing in the World

If we let our attention been drawn by the small events that randomly happens around us, we get distracted from our main road to success. It also provide us with a better meaning of life and value of it, seeing the big picture.

What’s the difference between the big picture and the small one?

I think that the main difference is, like in real life, you can’t get all the details you need when having a small point of Looking at the big picture can be the most motivating thing in the worldview. Good things happen in our life as well as bad things. Good things happen in the world as well as bad things. It’s all a matter of perspective. If I’m an artist and I’m making a painting, I might have now and then some little mistakes that you can see if you look closely enough. But instead of looking at those mistakes and get frustrated I can look at the big picture, literally, and be filled with joy and gratitude about the whole work of art.

That’s the main problem with smaller pictures, it focuses on a single event, while our lives is a multitude of events put together. And from what I’ve noticed and lived on myself, small views tend to focus on the negative side. It’s true. Imagine thinking 24/7 about one single thing in your life that you don’t like, while the tons of blessings around you gets unnoticed. You will feel pretty bad, won’t you?

Another difference that makes the big picture valuable, is that you can almost predict your road that you walk towards your dreams. It’s called envisioning, and as we see our dreams as we already there, we pave the road with our minds and pave our road in reality, having the big picture of it. Because instinctively you can almost accurately predict the outcome of an action that you are doing right now. We call it deja-vu, I call it instinctively prediction. Our mind is so amazing that it can almost accurately calculate the result of something we are doing now, by associating what information we have stored about other people that did it and succeed. Make sense? You never experienced that? Like when you were a kid and had this dream, more like a vision, you were doing something like talking on a stage or imagining you are teaching kids, and as you grow older you pursue that career or vision and just make it happen. I know I’m experiencing right now as I write this article. I’ve played with a fake toy laptop, pretending to write, at the age of 10 or 11. Now I am just doing that.

The last point that is also very important, is that when you are having a big view about things, you can predict and avoid bad events. Because, again, our brain can detect bad situations just in association with all the information we have stored in our minds. But, for that to be accurate, we need to see all the details, aka the big picture. So, next time you dodge something that was going to harm you, thank God for giving us the powerful brains we have.

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Having a deeper understanding of life is a key to success

The difference between a person who succeeds in life and one that fails is the philosophy of life. And you can’t have a good philosophy of life without having a good point of view. You need to take in balance all the details that you can measure. This way you will know, next time you make a decision, it is based on a multitude of factors. That will make your decision wise.

I think is safe to say that having a big picture is crucial.

It help us build the map towards our dreams, it help us predict bad events so we can avoid them, it helps us to have a better and deep understanding of the world. And let’s be honest, any event, especially a bad one, can be looked upon with much wiser eyes if we see the big picture. We clear the fuzz out, the little blurring details, and we can see in perspective.

Having that clear vision of life is something that will always help us in any decision we make and it will also help to create a better attitude towards events and life itself. How do you think life vision influence your results? Leave your comments below. 

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