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5 Reasons You’re Not Rich Yet

Sometimes you feel like, no matter how much you try, it just seems you can’t get over your financial situation? That no matter how much you work and you try to save, it just seems like there’s always a shortage of money? Like a leakage in a boat?

I think the majority of us felt this way at least one period of time in our lives. Today I will try to dissect this problem and find the solution within us. Truth to be told, the causes are always internal. Especially with the money.

I know there is much easier to blame things that are outside, like our workplace, our boss, the economy, the taxes, the president or the time we live in. But we are blaming everything we have. We can’t get another planet, so we have to learn to work with what we have.

Not to mention the fact that we live in the most prosperous time in history, where the opportunities and resources are basically huge. The majority of millionaires we have today are the first generation self-made.

So what do we need to change? Ourselves. Our philosophy, our habits, our belief system and everything else we can improve to get the financial freedom we all want and deserve. I selected the most common 5 reasons that I believe they sabotage our financial success, sometimes without us even realizing.

1.You don’t believe you can

If you don’t believe you can make money, you won’t make money. I know it sounds so simple, but it’s at the same time so powerful. Your self-image is your reality. Our minds will only create what we can imagine is real.

I mean, if you live with the mindset that you are always going to be poor, and those that are rich are lucky, privileged or they did something bad to get there, you will behave in such a way that will reinforce what you think.

We are designed to have a consistency. When our minds were powerfully and masterfully created, the purpose wasn’t to bathe itself in negative thinking. The purpose of our minds is to make real what we wish to make real. “Everybody wishes to make money”. That is true, but at the same time, if you think you can’t make them, you are also wishing to not make money, indirectly. The mind takes the commands from what’s most in our thoughts.

You got to have a positive high-achiever mindset to be able to see opportunities, to take action, to be persistent, to have ideas and therefore, to actually make money. It’s not something you stumble upon. And even if you get lucky and win the lottery, without the proper mindset to save them, invest them and multiply, you will lose them faster than you got them.

That means it’s very important to really believe you can make money and get rich, and with that mindset to open yourself to opportunities, ways to grow, ways to improve yourself and ideas that will perpetuate you towards the riches you want.

2.Your belief system doesn’t help you

To simplify what our belief system really is, I tell you that it’s where you attach pain and pleasure. Simple as that. At our core being, in our gut, we make decisions in that way to amplify the pleasure and minify the pain. Maybe we don’t consciously set it out, but the system is installed anyway, by our environment, school education and what others tell us.5 reasons you’re not rich yet

The problem appears when you attach a lot of pain to getting money. Either if it’s about the pressure of getting them, the problems that might appear when you get rich or simply the idea that money doesn’t buy happiness, it’s enough to keep you away from achieving richness.

The solution to this is to find and think about all the possible pleasures and advantages that come with financial freedom. This includes taking care of your family and yourself, having more time to do the things you love with the ones you love and having more peace of mind. Also, attach tons of pain to being poor. Think about how that shackles you, enslave you and breaks your heart because you can’t provide to those you love.

3.You haven’t decided yet

A decision is made when you take action, otherwise is merely a wish. And you only take action when you are fueled by desire. If you want to get things going and make them real, you have to make a strong decision, made from the heart, that empowers you and fires you up.

A small decision, made with a half-heart, while in your mind you think “this will never happen” it’s just fairy dust. It doesn’t change anything and it doesn’t move you towards your goal.

The ones that achieve great things in life have a great desire to achieve it. Our desire is our fuel, and without it everything is fruitless. Only when you make a strong decision that you will do it or you will die trying, that’s when you make it happen. You have to burn the boats to guarantee your victory.

Make no excuses, no plan B, no possible way of return. Go all in and go hard at it. Even if you take calculated risks to not jeopardize your family safety, a strong decision will make you persistent, and that will guarantee your success.

4.You have sabotaging habits

What do you do first thing when you get your paycheck? How much you keep track of your daily expenses? Do you look for discounted items or you just buy the new brand item at the highest price just because it’s in trend? How much do you spent on things you don’t need, eating and drinking out in town, on vacations?

Keep in mind that finances are influenced strongly by our habits. Small things, that we do every day, maybe without even noticing them, it’s what shapes the financial status. Yea, it counts that big expense you have once in a year, but over a lifetime period, the small habits have the strongest impact.

The first step to finding a solution is awareness. Start now keeping track of your expenses, with a pen and paper. If you buy a soda from the gas station, note it down. Keep the receipts from when you do groceries, and when you come home note them down. Be very careful and aware of where your money is going. It’s the only way you can find and fix a leakage that you have in your bankroll. Because let’s be honest about it, if you didn’t have a leakage of money, you’d be rich by now.

But there are things you buy and you don’t need, and maybe you don’t even realize it. Take everything you buy every day and multiply it by 30, and see how you spent in a month. Or even better, multiply it by 365 and see how much you spent on that particular thing in a year. I bet you will be astounded how much money gets wasted when we are not aware.

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5.You are not thinking long-term

When you make an investment or an expense, do you think about how that will affect you in one year? Or 5 years? Or 10 years? Having the ability to think long-term is the single most differentiating factor that separates rich people from poor ones.

When you are thinking short-term, you are thinking about short-term pleasures, ignoring the long-term consequences that come with spending money in that way or investing in something risky. You are trading long-term happiness and prosperity, for short-term gratification. And that’s always hurtful because short-term happiness brings long-term disaster.

On the other hand, short-term pain of discipline brings long-term happiness and abundance. I know it’s not “cool” to look for items in discount. I know it’s not “cool” to get some popcorn and watch that movie at home. And ladies, trust me on this one, it’s better to have a $5 purse with $195 in it than a $200 purse with nothing in it (my girlfriend approved this message 😁).

What do you think are other reasons people don’t get rich? What things will you apply from this article and make a shift into your life to become more financial abundant? Leave your comments below.

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