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Use a Diet with Cheat Day to Lose Weight Faster

This is one of the most effective ways I found to lose weight in the healthiest and quickest way possible. I practice and recommend 6 days of diet with 1 cheat day. I will explain how I discovered that and how I find it now so essentially.

To be honest,

I didn’t always start like this. I remember 10 years ago when I had weight problems and I was very unhealthy and insecure with myself, I kept trying to lose weight by starving myself. That’s like you are trying to build a castle on sand. My body was eventually exhausted and I went back to eating unhealthy foods quicker than I expected. I had no idea what I do wrong and how I can make my body be fit.

Now I know that starvation is the number one reason for weight problems. Sounds a little bit counterintuitive, but I am not talking about the starvation per say, it’s more a nutritional starvation. All the fast food and sugary treats only degrade our body’s condition by providing tons of calories with no value.

3 years later when I started to hit the gym, I had the honor to be educated into nutrition by a bodybuilder and learned how you should always try to eat Use a diet with cheat day to lose weight fasterregularly, healthy and decent proportioned. That’s when I started to use a diet rich in proteins with 3 hours apart from meals. I had 3 meals and 2 snacks. By snacks I mean tuna sandwich, salads, fruits, whole grain cereals or yogurt. The results started to show quickly as I was hitting the gym also.

Here is the interesting part.

Only recently I have learned about the importance of 6 days diet – 1 cheat day ratio.

This 1 cheat day means that you can eat once a week everything you crave for. Popcorn, fast food, candies, anything that you like to eat. For one meal, maybe two. You might think that this will make you go eating 5 king size Snickers once a week, but it’s quite the contrary. After 6 days of eating clean, the crave for junk food is very low.

I also call this Treat Day now, or Treat Meals. It’s a reward for me because I held the diet 6 days.

I will explain you the main reasons I recommend anyone having 1 cheat day in their diet:

  • It’s easier for your mind to keep the diet forever. Let’s face it, it’s scary to think about the fact you have to forbid yourself some types of food permanently. In fact, knowing that you are not allowed to eat something it will only make you crave it more. That mean forbidding yourself entirely what it’s unhealthy have the opposite effect that you want. It’s about what you eat daily, not what you eat occasionally, that influence the way you look. Most people eat occasional healthy, that’s why they have weight problems. You will eat occasionally unhealthy, and healthy on a regular basis. That means fit forever. And it will be easier for your brain to know “Hey, I can eat that once a week”. The diet will be much, much easier.
  • You don’t have to be socially awkward. When you are invited to parties or dinners, it’s hard to be picky in some occasions. Maybe even rude to refuse the cake from friends that invite you over just because it’s little bit more sugar in that. Now you have one day a week in which you can eat whatever you want and feel good at family gatherings and anniversaries.
  • You will give yourself a reward for 6 days of dieting.  Sometimes we need it. It’s hard to have a discipline like healthy eating in your life. Even if the rewards look great in the mirror, it’s a plus you can reward yourself with sweet treats also. This will boost up your moral to keep dieting.
  • Your body will refill.  No matter how healthy you are eating, sometimes there are nutrients we don’t totally get from greens. It sounds amazing, but I’ve felt it on my own. Especially the carb supplies from your body get hurt during diets. Here comes the cheat day where those supplies get refilled and your strength is high and ready to tackle the next week.
  • You will have more energy. More energy means a faster metabolism, faster metabolism means lean muscle and low body fat. That’s the perfect thing for you. All the energy that you get in that one cheat day your body is going to use for burning fat the next 6 days. It’s like a nitro you give your internal mechanism to boost it up.
  • You remove the stress and be happier. It’s stressful to be so calculated in what you eat, workout routines and all the discipline, and it can have unhealthy effects on your body. Stress makes the liver release fat. That’s why a cheat day is important and it will reduce your stress cumulated over the week. Not to mention that if you love chocolate treats, those are filled with flavonoids which are making you feel happy and are a powerful antioxidant.

You have all the reasons in the world to treat yourself once a week. What’s your favorite treat meal? Share it with us in the comments. ☺

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