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You Get the Biggest Motivation from Helping Others

I love to motivate people, to inspire them, to provide a positive example in this world; and I get often asked how I keep being so confident, optimistic and motivated all the time.

The answer is helping others.

Sure, I have and I encourage positive habits that make your life better because we are what we do daily. But I strongly believe compassion is the noblest You get the biggest motivation from helping othersfeeling you can put in your heart. Compassion is the purest because you give something expecting nothing in return. It’s a fuel for unconditional love, it’s a fuel for gratitude, it’s a fuel for the ability to see hope in future.

Without it everything feels empty, isn’t it?

I wasn’t always like that. I’ve been young and selfish, living for myself, focusing on my own good life. And I was confident, I was ambitious, but I was at the point where there was no sharing. I was in that immature point where I believed that the primary focus should go on yourself.

My life felt empty.

It didn’t matter how much money I had, or how many people loved me, I felt miserable. Because I didn’t share joy, love, knowledge, ambition, comfort, support; since I didn’t have compassion. I had no gratitude for the amazing things God blessed me with, for the reason that I lacked compassion. That’s how I know how important it is to care about the ones around us.

When we love those around us like we love ourselves, when we give and fulfill other people’s needs, when we are there for them, when we make their lives just a little bit brighter just because we were there, life has the most beautiful meaning. And where is meaning, there’s motivation, there’s mindfulness, there’s happiness, there’s gratitude. Therefore, there is progress also.

I studied a lot of successful people around the world because I want to be like them. Not only financially successful but physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. There’s a pattern: the most successful people in the world are also the kindest. They have charities, they do amazing work to change the world into a better place, they love people around them.

That’s because once you get that fortune you want, that happiness, that love, you amplify it only by sharing it with those in need. Sharing is an amplifier of good. Anything that is good in you will get bigger. That’s how emotions work, we share them and we get more.

I don’t say that you should not focus on your own happiness too. Get your love right, money, body, mind and spirit to the best levels, but every once in a while make a habit to pour kindness around you.

Your emotions ask you.

That’s why you get happiness, money, health and everything, to share them with those you love the most. Compassion means that you love everything that breathes life. A small animal, a homeless person who sleeps in cold, those beautiful flowers you have in your garden. Sharing is the act of compassion in action. Give more and you will have more!

Acts of kindness don’t have to be big to be meaningful. Small donations, listening to somebody with a lot of troubles on their heart, a nice meal for that kid you’ve seen on the streets; these acts of kindness might seem small, but that’s how we give shape for our love for God. 

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