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Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of the Ones You Love

We often tend to think about this society that is selfish and always follow its own interest, but most of the times is the opposite situation.

People take care of others and make them happy to the point they forget about themselves. I’ve been there, and I know that this way you get into a state of exhaustion and depression, and at some point, you won’t even be able to make others happy because you’re not. You can even hurt those you love without even knowing it.

The mental link we associated self-care with must be changed

If you want to make the world a better place, take care of the ones you love, make them feel good, you must be in the best condition so you can give your best.

Take care of yourself to take care of the ones you loveSometimes we don’t take care of us in a physical way, by not eating properly and always being in a rush, but generally is the lack of care for our mental and emotional state that really exhausts us. It’s that “me time” that everybody should have daily.

You need to properly focus on your dreams, on your hopes, on your qualities, on your ambition and on your progress. And you need to make this a daily habit. 10 minutes, 30 or even an hour, it’s important that you do it. Most often we get caught up in this need to take our kids to school, respond to emails, giving a call to somebody for saying “happy birthday” and many other social needs, that you know it’s a never-ending game.

If you look for something to do there’s always there.

You must make a priority to take some time off for self-care

I don’t say that you won’t pick up your kids from school anymore 😂, I am just saying that we all have the time we must have. If we properly prioritize it, we can easily skip an invite for a drink or check up emails in the morning, to get the time to recharge our batteries. It sounds like a selfish idea but it’s not.

Those around you, the ones you love the most and love you the most, will be also hurt if you get hurt. And you can get hurt emotionally, physically or mentally if you don’t properly train yourself. You need to be in that perfect state of awareness and mindfulness to perform at your best. Otherwise, you just expose yourself to all types of factors of risks, exposing your loved ones at the same time.

How about leaving an emotional wound untreated? That will make you retaliate at some point on those around you.

Training takes discipline, but it’s a necessary pain we have to go through

I know I make it sound so hard to do, but in fact is the most empowering thing you will do all day. I just try to make you understand why is this important.

Think about a car. You have to do a lot of maintenance tasks to it, to make sure it will run smoothly and without problems. This is how you know it will be safe to drive it. Nothing is 100% safe, but we can always make it safer. It’s for your own good. If the car would be alive, would go through these maintenance tasks not just only for its own good, but for the good of those riding in it.

The same thing with all of us. We need to be in the perfect state to make sure that people in our lives have the best.

Let’s be honest about it, if you suffer those that love you will suffer greatly.


Because that’s what love is about. If someone I love gets hurt I will feel their pain. So this is an illusion that self-sacrificing time and happiness is noble, in fact, is hurtful for those that we care about the most. They don’t know why it hurts, but you know now.

Change the tables and focus on your happiness, just to share it with those that you love. You will see how everything becomes brighter and everyone around you will blossom. The only bad think about it would be if you won’t share your happiness and well-being. Focus on getting happy and sharing.

Talking about sharing, if you have insecurities, stress, fears build up, what do you think you will share? The same things of course. But if you got love, happiness, calmness, wisdom, confidence, these you will share with people around you.

When you give the best out of you, you get the best out of your life. And when you get the best out of your life, you get the best for those whom you love. 👫

What changes will you make in your life after reading this article? Share it with us below.

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