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A Relationship Is a Place Where You Go to Give, Not to Take

We all have needs and we all need that kind of affection and commitment that makes you feel special. But the truth is love is much more about focusing on fulfilling other people’s needs. Of course, we need to know what we deserve and never settle for something less, but the main focus should be on how much we give and how good we fulfill our loved one needs.

A marriage or relationship is like a box.

When you start it is empty. You have to go there and fill it with love, happiness, commitment, passion, attention, trust A relationship is a place where you go to give, not to takeand all the things that need to make a strong relationship. If you just go and take all the time, you will find yourselves with an empty box. I think this is the point where most of the relationships sadly fail. If the partner keeps expecting to see things in the other one, that means that partner mostly stopped giving. This is a “game” for two, both partners need to fill the box with love, commitment and any other thing needed. And love is the only fortune that multiplies as you give it. The more you give the more you have.

Another thing that I want to mention is that focusing on what you offer it makes you be in control of your life. Because something you do is something you CAN control. You can’t force other people to love you, ok? You can’t force anybody to do anything. That’s why focusing on what other people do is making you frustrated. Focus on yourself. On your behavior, how to be a better lover, how to give more, how to share more, how to show affection in a way that will fulfill all your partner’s needs. Focus to always be the BEST lover your special one ever had. They deserve it because you love him / her.

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The most amazing part about giving and loving unconditionally is that people will love you back!

It’s infectious, its spreads around like fire. You won’t believe how much you will get back. Sometimes even more than you gave out. That’s the amazing power of love. The more you give, the more you have. Your partner will feel so happy and loved that will always come back and try to make you feel the same. Of course, you have needs too, and you can teach your partner how to fill those needs. But after you teach him / her it’s out of your priority. Your priority is to make your lover be happy. That’s your mission!

Unconditional love is the purest form of love.

This is the masterpiece and the greatest treasure in life. We should all practice it and we should all have it. As Mother Teresa used to say, if you love until that point that hurts, there’s only love after that and no more pain. You just give it out for pleasure. It makes you happy to be the most loving and caring person you can be!

I know sometimes is hard to deal with a broken heart and it’s a little bit unsafe to start giving out love unconditionally, without expecting nothing back. But that’s how love is supposed to be. Don’t stick around people who don’t love you back, but if you have a loving person by your side , love that person like it’s the last time you will ever going to see him / her. The truth is: nothing is granted. We might never wake up again. So love like there’s no tomorrow. Give, give, give and never be afraid or sorry for doing it. You will receive much more in return, trust me. That person that loves you and sticks with you will be so touched by everything you do and you will have such a positive influence. You will receive love in return in a way you didn’t even imagine. Be the one who gives it first.

Was this article helpful? What will you improve in your love life? Share it with us in the comments. Love without reasons, because that’s the only way to love! Have a beautiful lovely life.

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