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Ways to Increase Your Self-Love and Improve Relationships

It can prove challenging being in a relationship without self-love. In most cases, insecurities result in conflict, and the conflict ultimately leads to a breakup. But this doesn’t always have to be the case; there are different ways to increase self-love and have a fulfilling relationship.

If you have no idea what is self-love, you need to understand that it’s one way to improve the love you feel about yourself. The great thing about having a healthy sense of self-love is that it’s easier to approach a relationship with acceptance. This is because you learn to be free and accept yourself. 

You are still more likely to forgive because you will value your lovers for who they are and not what you think they ought to be. 

By increasing your self-love, you will allow those you love to be themselves and even make mistakes. This is because you will learn to be yourself and even make mistakes.


Learn to See the Good in Yourself

One of the greatest hurdles that people with low self-love struggle with is to see the good in themselves. Such individuals are usually quick to dismiss the positive things that their partners may try telling them. 

If you are such a couple, one of the important steps to self-love is to ask your lover what they see in you, and you should still be open about how you feel about them.  

By taking into account this important self-love step, you’ll slowly begin to take into account whatever your partner loves about you, and you’ll believe it too. 

For instance, if your low self-love makes you critical of yourself for being boring and reserved, it may just turn out that your lover is appreciative of your ability to keep an even keel, even when going through emotionally tough times.

You also need to understand that you aren’t just getting to learn about your partner while in a relationship, but you’re still learning more about yourself as well. 


Don’t Obsess About Seeking Validation and Affirmation

The other key sign of low self-love is the need to seek validation and affirmation constantly. In most cases, your level of self-love makes you believe that you aren’t good enough, and that’s why you always want to seek compliments from others. If you have such a personality, you may not understand how your self-love practice is damaging your relationship.

You probably are doing this with the best intention, but your significant other may consider your behavior as a way to fish for compliments to suit your ego. This is why it’s important to take a closer look at what you have achieved over time then give yourself credit. If you don’t consider this self-love aspect, it may ultimately prove challenging to become assertive. 


Don’t Let Your Flaws Bring You Down

If you have low self-love, you will always feel like you have many flaws and you are not perfect for your relationship. There may be instances where even the things you’ve learned to live with can be irritating to your partner. 

If this is the case, one way to improve your self-love and relationship is to understand that everybody has their flaws. There are some things you can ignore, while others you may want to work on. 

Remember that exposing your flaws doesn’t have to make you have low self-love. Understanding that it’s a natural aspect of a relationship, you won’t have to feel unlovable or terrible.


Understand That You Are the Mastermind of Your Happiness

It’s important to understand that your partner cannot always make you happy. You are the mastermind of your happiness. The only way to cultivate self-love and be happy in your relationship is by creating a mindset that your happiness is a choice. 

This way of self-love requires a lot of hard work, and it’s ultimately liberating because you will never allow your happiness to get dictated by others or your circumstance. 

Working through the challenges you have experienced in the past can still make it easier for you to choose happiness.  


Wrapping Up

One of the powers of self-love is that it ends up building fulfilling relationships, but there are certain aspects that you need to take into account. 

Avoiding being too obsessed with affirmation and validation and never letting your flaws bring you down are just a few ways self-love help you have a more stable relationship.

Have you found it challenging to improve your self-love in the past, and it ended up taking a toll on your relationship? What are some of the ways that helped boost your self-love and still improved your relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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