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Only a Balanced Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

There’s a big difference between losing weight and losing health.

While losing health can also have a side effect dropping some kilograms, the effect is temporary and the damage on the body is long-term. It’s sad to see that so many people practice nutritional starvation to force their body to get slimmer.

Atkins diet, Low-Fat Diets, Ketogenic diet and any strange extreme diets are just hurting your body. You simply can’t imagine what massive damage it does to your health. I’ve even heard about women not eating after 5PM, and that’s called a diet. I mean, OMG, that’s basically a 16 hours starvation program. Girls, please, stop hurting your bodies. Your body will be very weak, and exposed to diseases, getting fat again and even death.

Throw all those types of diets away, completely. The only way to lose weight in a healthy manner is with a balanced diet. You need fibers, carbohydrates, Only a balanced diet can help you lose weightproteins and healthy fats to function properly, not to mention vitamins and minerals.

If your diet is making you feel weak, dizzy, without energy, that’s not losing weight. That’s losing health.

Losing weight makes you more energetic and vibrant! Think about it. It’s extra burned energy. It’s supposed to make you feel better, not worse.

Luckily, now you know the right information to get healthy and get fit at the same time. Keep reading while we discuss it in more details.

The nutritional starvation damages your body

This is a huge one, guys, and it’s sadly not very common knowledge.

Do you know that nowadays most people suffer from nutritional starvation? That’s because there are a lot of easy-to-get tasty foods with no nutritional value.

The thing is like this: you get lots of calories, energy to pump up your blood, but nothing to carry around for your cells. The purpose of sugary foods is to make your blood run faster and deliver the nutritional things found in the natural food. But when food is processed and nutritional value is removed in favor of taste, that’s when you get energy with no value. It’s like fueling your car with gasoline, but you don’t put water in the radiator, you don’t change the tires and other important maintenance things.

These extreme diets do the same. They basically starve you from an important nutritional component.

Either if it’s the lack of carbohydrates, fats or proteins, it’s extremely hurtful for your body’s natural functions. You’ll be thrown off-balance and you will get weaker. You will be exposed to diseases, heart failures, and many other threats.

Because while you just try to remove your fat deposits, you are damaging everything else in your body. From your heart, circulatory system, your brain, liver etc, everything suffers from this nutritional starvation.

You should work with your body, not against it

There’s a huge difference between helping your body to lose weight, and just sabotaging it.

When you help your body to lose weight, that basically means you are making it stronger with proper nutrition, and you accelerate your metabolism, increase your muscle mass and therefore you burn more fat.

Sabotaging your body means that you force your body to lose weight by making it weaker. I bet you never thought about it like this, but that’s what happens exactly. By using an extreme diet, you are just weakening your body’s natural systems and throw it off-balance, and as a side effect, you lose some weight.

That weight could even be just water or proteins and have nothing to do with your fat tissues, but you see the numbers on the scale dropping down and you think you are doing something good. When it’s just the opposite of that.

When you are properly fed, that’s when you start losing weight

If you understand how your body works, you will understand how to lose weight also. Your internal system is very simply and safely structured.

You see, the survival mechanism is a high priority. Keeping you alive, keeping you strong, keeping you protected from diseases, these are the top priority in your body. The fat managing is the least important thing. That makes sense because ultimately it’s more important to be alive than to be pretty.

That’s one aspect. Another aspect is when you are starving yourself, you mostly have an acidity in your system. That means your PH in your body is acidic. Imagine that, acid being transported around within your blood. That’s when the fat comes along, and acts a protection against the erosion of the acids.

The ONLY way to activate your burning fat mechanism, is to be properly fed, healthy and have a high alkalinity level in your system.

You don’t lose weight to get healthy. You lose weight because you get healthy. 

Again, very big difference between these two. The reason you are not losing weight properly is because you are not healthy enough. So your focus should go on how to be more healthy, and with that, you will also lose weight.

Be a health builder, not a destroyer

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

I know that sometimes being overweight is very hard to us. It makes us feel less confident and we always think about how others see us. I know, I’ve been there. But we have to make the weight loss a long-term goal, not a short-term one. Eating healthy must be our lifestyle. Not something we do on occasions.

If you damage your body with strange starving diets, you will get some weight off maybe. But it will be temporary and it will have tremendous side effects on your health.

On the other side, if you focus on a healthy balanced diet, with proper physical activities, and increasing your alkalinity levels, you will lose weight while eating. You will lose weight eating, be happy, be energetic and full of life. And as a plus, you will also get healthier and stronger. Well, that’s the kind of life I want.

You see, having a healthy diet might take a bit longer to kick in the fat burning furnace in your body.

Especially if you starved for years, and your body lacks lots of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. So yeah, it will take a while until your body recovers from all the damage, becomes healthy and strong, and then starts to burn the extra weight. But once you get in that healthy state and your metabolism accelerates, there’s no turning back. You will lose weight and be healthy with each and every meal.

Think about what’s more important: your health or your temporary look? 

Oh, and by the way, if you are a girl and you think that being skinny is attractive, think again. Fit people recognize a healthy body from an unhealthy one, and believe me, there’s nothing attractive in a walking skeleton. 💀 I would choose a fit girl over 1,000 skinny models anytime.

As a conclusion: Is better to take care of your body and lose weight in a natural fortifying way, than to try to force it by sabotaging your own well-being and future. Stay healthy, live fully and love deeply! 💪💖

What is your takeaway from this article and what changes will you make to your life? Share it with us in the comments.

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