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Treat your Relationship with the Same Passion You Had When It Started

Probably going like: “Sure, Holmes, something new?” Well, I know it’s not something new but there is no shortcut to this. If you follow me in this article you will find it’s much easier to light the passion for your significant other every day, if you just change your perception.

First of all, let’s remember us that nothing should be taken for granted and we should always appreciate who we love and love us back. Love is such a precious value and we could lose the ones we love in a blink of an eye. This is the truth. Life is so fragile. We could lose them due to faith, and that is painful. But it’s even more painful if we push them ourselves from our lives. So let’s teach us how to keep our loved ones happy and close to us.

Treat your relationship like in the start and it will not have an end.

This is a lesson for any person who wants a long-lasting relationship. You should behave like it’s always the Treat your relationship with the same passion you had when it startedbeginning of the relationship, and this way you will never have an end. Think about it. When you first starting going out with your significant other, you were so careful and so compassionate about the way you behave, about what you said, how you dressed etc. You wanted to impress your date, please him / her, and just be absolutely perfect. Let’s be honest, in the beginning, you would do anything for your loved one.

As the time comes by, the comfort starts to crawl under your skin, and you just have troubles to find that passion anymore. That’s because inside you are thinking ” he / she is here to stay, nothing to worry about anymore”. That makes you way too comfortable and you are not paying attention or find the desire to please your lover anymore. This is the main reason couples find that bond between them broken and the relationship starts to fall apart. So with comfort, it comes degradation.

If you get the car of your dreams, for example, you don’t just put it in the garage and let it rot there forever. The rust alone will kill it. I mean, it needs to driven, to be maintained, to be polished and cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise , that car would say : ” You know what? I am finding myself a better owner. I’m sick of this !” And then it leaves you.

This is just a fun way to say it, and God no, I don’t say we should ever compare people with objects. But I am trying to state that , with time, the relationship requires MORE attention, love, carrying, romanticism, commitment ; than in the beginning. You need to become a better lover with time, a more compassionate one, a more carrying one. Because you love the person with whom you want to spend your life with, so much, that you want the best for him / her. Be that best every day.

Appreciate more the one you love and show her / him that. 

Like I’ve said before, we tend to get too comfortable with our loved ones. But let’s think for a second how our life would be without them. It may even make you cry just trying to imagine for a moment they’re missing. This is telling you that you love them deeply.

So let’s appreciate more the ones we love. They deserve it. They chose to be a part of our lives. Even if it’s family, even if it’s our significant other, they made a choice to be a part of our lives. To share moments, to be there in good and in bad, to have our back. Let’s appreciate that. Let’s appreciate the fact that God made us the honor to give us such amazing loving persons.

And let’s show them more. Show your lover how much their presence means to you. How much taking part of your life it means to you. A little gesture, big gestures, or just when you come home rush to your lover and give her / him a big hug and kiss, and be joyful with each other. Weekly dating day should be a must. Pick a nice restaurant or a McDonald’s, what you like most, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are spending time together and create a deeper love bond  between you.

Make small lovely things daily. Simple things, sweet talking, or a walk together in the park, time in the bedroom, anything to spark that passion every day. Take a chunk of your 24 hours and dedicate that to your lover. Ask your lover how his / her day went, don’t just start talking about yourself. Listen, care , be loving. I will promise you, not only it will keep alive your relationship and passion towards it, but it will make your significant other love and appreciate you even more than ever. And that’s the beauty of love : the more you give, the more you have it.

A relationship is a place where you go to give, not to take. 

I think of a marriage or relationship like it’s a box that two people created. And it’s available at any time to each of them. Without walls, without limits. You need to put love, honesty, attention, commitment, friendship, romanticism, passion, time and other things you want in there. So it grows bigger and bigger in time, and you make a long-lasting relationship and family.

You can’t just go there and take every day. Sooner you will find yourself with an empty box. That’s why I say that a relationship is a place where you go to GIVE , not to take. The more you give, the more you have. Give more than you expect to receive. Make sense ?

This is basic, simple, nothing new and you probably already heard it like thousand of times, but the truth is your soul still resonates with this. Because this is the nature of love : giving. We must give unconditionally, love unconditionally. And when you love unconditionally, people loves you back ! It’s contagious, it’s like a light the fills their soul and they come back and fill yours. And it’s beautiful and I believe that true love never ends. Our only purpose is to keep that fire inside burning, keep putting oil in there.

Keep lighting up the passion, attention, romanticism, and you will have a relationship that will truly be till death do you apart.

Cornel Manu

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  1. Zaria

    Hi Cornel,

    People don’t have long lasting relationships because on the first dates they are so careful on what to say or what to do. This is because they don’t want to lose the person they like. The problem is that the two people get in a relationship, then eventually their real self will come out. So my advice is to be yourself from the first dates! Great article, thank you!


    1. Cornel Manu

      Yes, this is a very good point. They tend to be someone else in order to impress, just to make their date be like:”wow, this is not what I’ve signed up for!” But this happens because that person doesn’t know who he or she wants to be, what kind of relationship they want to have and what they’re looking for in a partner. That means you should be crystal clear and what do you want from your love life, and what you have to bring to the table to deserve it.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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