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Communication Is the Key Part for Any Kind of Relationship

Communication is a vital part of our lives because the way we socialize with those around us define the deepness of our relationships. Even if we talk about friends, co-workers or your significant other, communication is the way to create those lasting meaningful bonds.

Why communication is essential.

Letting a little bit aside the fact that communication is essential for creating a lasting bond, the way we express Communication is the key part of any kind of relationshipourselves is also required for our soul. Communication is the easiest way to exteriorize yourself, spreading emotions and words into the world. As humans, we need to exteriorize ourselves, otherwise, we would go crazy just talking in our minds. Some people find a better way to exteriorize through art, like music and poetry, but still, any human being is required to know the art of communication for their happiness and fulfillment.

Learn to express your feelings and thoughts in a kind way.

This is the growing-up part of communication. We all need to express our feelings and thoughts , but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it in a polite way. The first rule: we have to understand and accept that everybody has different opinions. And that is good! Would be a boring non-progressing life if we didn’t have different point of views. So accept that and respect that to become a good communicator.

All debates should include phrases like “I respect your opinion but I think/feel that…”, “This is how I see this, from my point of view:” , “I understand what you are saying, but I think/feel that…”. We don’t have to push or force our point of view into nobodies perception. Let’s be clear about something: nobody is perfect. So, I am aware that my point of view might be wrong, or not entirely right, that’s why I have to be open for other suggestions and views.

I say that communication is an art and I truly believe that. Most of the times you see troubles for a couple, or friends , or family members, you always see this miscommunication issues. They fail to understand and cooperate with one another. This simple detail will make any bond break. Even if you are talking about the president of a country, if he/she fail to properly express and communicate with the people, won’t get a good reaction from them and won’t rule for long. It doesn’t matter if the job was done properly or better than others, people don’t want to be ignored. Nobody likes that. We all love when we see somebody who pays attention to us, tries to care and listen carefully. Yeah, we are very emotional creatures. That’s why it’s important to work on our emotional intelligence.

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Be aware of other people’s feelings. 

This is crucial. You have to be aware of other people’s feelings just from how they communicate. You can’t just go out there, express yourself without filtering, without caring if the one that listens to you might get hurt or not, and then wonder why do you get such a bad feedback. I know there are some points that need to be said, and that sometimes people need to hear something that will help them on long-term even if it’s hurtful on short-term, but you can do that with grace too.

A good speaker is also a good listener. Learn to listen truly to other people, and you will know how to communicate. Learn to interpret how emotions are expressed. See how some people are more shy and reserved on how they express themselves because they believe they will expose themselves and become weaker, and how others can barely add a filter to their words because they believe that gives them power and self-confidence. These subtle or big differences we have among us are one of the things that make our race so beautiful. This incredible diversity and uniqueness we have, while at the same time we can communicate and bond at a deep level like we are the same.

The glue of bonding relationships is the emotional connection.

And we achieve that deep emotional connection with communication. We show love, affection, caring, and we get it back. Yes, you have to stand your ground for your words, what you say is what you mean. No exceptions.

And as always I try to give a personal example because I am not here preaching without practicing. I got to that point in life where I just love people. Not a physical love, but the compassion of understanding people, of trying to help them, of supporting them, of giving them an example. So, as you can imagine, almost all the people around me comes to discuss with me things and try to get an advice or simply listen. And I do that every time with joy because I know now that I can make a positive impact in their lives. God gave me this gift and I choose to use in a positive world-changing way. Sometimes even with a simple gesture another person do to you, your day becomes brighter. That’s why I try to listen and understand all types of people, doesn’t matter where they came from or what age they have or what background.

People are all amazing in their uniqueness. Once you see that you learn the art of compassion. And with compassion your learn the art of communication. With communication, you get long lasting relationships. What is your opinion on this? Leave a comment below and communicate with us. 🙂 

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