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3 Week Diet Honest Review – 20% Coupon Code Included

Are you looking to get an honest no BS review regarding the 3 Week Diet product? You are in the right place.

This website is dedicated to reviewing Clickbank ebooks, and this product helps you lose weight by using a keto diet with fasting and workouts to lose the most amount of weight in 21 days.

While the other diets reviewed on this website are based on the implementing of a lifestyle instead of following a diet for a short amount of time, we sometimes need a quick method to detox and lose weight.

This product is created for that purpose. It combines well-known and proved methods of dieting and exercising to give you the best tools for getting fit.


What is the 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet is a weight-loss program created by Brian Flatt that is designed to help people shed a lot of extra body fat in the short amount of time of 21 days.

This diet system has 4 specific manuals that are made to teach people how to follow this diet for 3 weeks straight and get good results. When you purchase the 3 Week Diet, you get the following manuals:

  • Introduction Manual
  • Diet Manual
  • Workout Manual
  • Mindset and Motivation Manual

You get the whole set when you buy this product, and thus you get all the information you need to lose weight safely and healthily. Brian Flatt, the author, is a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer.

According to him, other weight loss programs are taking a much slower approach to lose excess body fat and they don’t have the best results. This diet program that takes 21 days to follow through is supposed to help you get rid of the stubborn belly fat.

Combining eating healthy with fasting, a keto diet and exercising, the 3 Week Diet manages to put your body into fat burning mode for some quick results.



Who is this product meant for

The 3 Week Diet is meant for people that want to see some rapid results on their weight loss journey. That means this diet is a bit harder to do and it will require a lot of will power from your behalf.

But the results will not delay to show up.

The thing is that if you don’t know what you are doing, losing weight fast can be a very dangerous thing. That’s why you need a tested and proved method that you can apply with confidence.

What I like about this diet is that it also focuses on nourishing your body with whole foods while you reduce your calorie intake using fasting.

It doesn’t preach lies about “secret” foods that are supposed to make you magically lose weight.

This program is perfect for people that want to see some fast results and are willing to put in the hard work. And the truth is that it is hard.

The 3 Week Diet is not for those that want to take it slow. If you want a slower and safer approach to losing weight, I recommend trying the Eat Stop Eat diet.

If you are still reading this, that means you are willing to make the effort and get results faster.


The author promises these results in 21 days:

  • You will lose 12 to 23 pounds of pure body fat (5-10 kilograms).
  • You will lose 2 to 4 inches on your waistline (5-10 centimeters).
  • You will have increased muscle tone thanks to fasting.
  • You will have decreased cellulite.
  • You will have a faster metabolism.
  • You will have healthier skin and hair.
  • You will have improved levels of cholesterol.

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What you get when you buy the 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet has four books with a specific aim to each one of it.

The first book is an Introduction Manual that focuses on the techniques and science behind losing weight.  It will also provide more information about the nutrients that will be used and required during this program.

The second book is a Diet Manual, which provides a list of foods that you can eat every day, the specific quantity and the specific timing of the meals.

This program has a strong component of dieting, as the weight loss is achieved by having a specific meal plan, and you find all the detailed instructions you need.

The third book found inside the 3 Week Diet program is a Workout Manual, which gives you a list of exercises and workout plans that you can do at home or at the gym.

These workouts will help you get the best out of the diet, putting your body on fat-burning mode and increasing your metabolism. They are simple to do, take only 20 minutes and you have pictures with how to do them.

The last book of this program is a Mindset and Motivational Manual, that includes a lot of tips and tricks that will help you stay motivated and stick with the diet.

The mental part of losing weight is one of the biggest roadblocks that most people don’t know about. Most diets don’t teach you how to train your mind for weight loss, but this program does. And I think that is a big plus.


The diet stages of the 3 Week Diet

According to the diet program found inside the 3 Week Diet, there are four stages inside this plan.

The first stage is meant for detoxing and clearing waste from your body by eating specific foods mentioned within the diet plan. This stage takes 7 days and you will eat things like chicken, broccoli, eggs, spinach, tomatoes, turkey, cabbage and beef.

The second stage involves 24-hour fasting, which means that you won’t eat at all for one day. The benefits of fasting are well known, as it activated your fat-burning processes and make your body create helpful hormones like the human growth hormone.

The third stage lasts for 3 days and involves eating foods with more calories that have more than 70% fat. This is the keto part of the diet that is meant to keep your body into fat-burning mode even longer.

The fourth and last stage involves adding foods to your daily intake with precise measurements, using the calorie consumption chart inside the product.

These stages are designed to maximize your weight loss and detoxify your body in a relatively short amount of time.


Advantages of the 3 Week Diet

There are many diets out there that can be used for weight loss, so you might wonder what makes this one different.

The 3 Week Diet uses a combination of fasting, keto dieting, and precise eating to help you lose the most amount of weight that you can possibly can in a short amount of time.

There are a lot of scenarios in which people need to use this. Maybe there is a wedding that you want to attend and you want to look at your best, or maybe you are about to visit some relatives and want to look and feel great in your body.

This diet helps you get in shape in 21 days, and it will also help you detoxify and create new habits of eating healthy. And you will achieve all of these with science-proved methods that still nourish your body and give you vitality.

Losing weight goes well beyond just looking good, as we get rid of a lot of toxins and fat that we carry around us. Just like our house needs a thorough clean from time to time, so does our body.


Here are the pros of using the 3 Week Diet:

  • Fast results.
  • A combination of many popular dieting and working out techniques in a smartly designed product.
  • Plenty of health benefits that come from weight loss.
  • It’s particularly effective for many different types of people, as the program has a multi-pronged approach.
  • Very good value for the money you pay.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.
  • Tips on what to do after finishing the 3-week program.
  • You eat whole foods, so you don’t need any extra juices, supplements or teas.
  • Mind training for further motivation and goal achievement.

3 Week Diet Review Lose Weight 21 Days


Some things to consider before buying the 3 Week Diet

Here are some things to consider before purchasing this diet.

First of all, this product is intended for some quick results that you can get with a relatively high amount of effort.

While this product is designed to give you clear instructions about everything you need to do, only the effort will give you the results.

Keeping a diet for 21 days requires a commitment and you need to stick up with it to see the results. If you are not prepared to make such a commitment, I recommend going with the Eat Stop Eat diet that can be implemented as a lifestyle, as I said before.

But if you want to detox your body and lose weight in a short time, the 3 Week Diet is the best product. It’s not as hard as other fad diets because it also allows you to feed your body and nourish it in the process.

The exercises included in it are easy to follow, and they are an important part of making the diet work. Exercising keeps your body in fat-burning mode and doesn’t let it slow down the metabolism in the absence of abundant food.

This is no magic bullet or secret formula, as there is no such thing.

The 3 Week Diet is the perfect combination of eating healthy, fasting, working out and calorie restriction to lose weight.


What people say about the 3 Week Diet

Let’s see what customers on the internet have to say about this product.

Really worth every cent. I was very skeptical when I first bought it and did not try it then. Months after I decided to give it a try, and I am glad I did. Very healthy choices, and it works!

– L.A. H


This has been my guide to my weight loss journey! Helped me develop better habits by making me understand the SCIENCE of healthy eating and truly effective workouts. I’ve tried pills and failed. There is no shortcut and this doesn’t offer that!! 3 weeks of discipline that’s directed towards real goals helped me lose weight.

– Bea Carlos


I’ve only done the first 7 days of this diet and I have lost 9 pounds. I’m amazed as it normally takes months to lose near that. Find the diet easy too. Love it!

– Derek Murphy



I totally recommend the 3 Week Diet if you want to lose weight in 21 days and detoxify your body. The results you get are worth it for the amount of effort you invest in it.

It has clear and precise information about everything you need to do, which makes the process easier. You get to eat whole foods and there is no need for teas or supplements.

You also get help to keep your mind motivated and positive in the process. And with a 60-day money-back guarantee, you cannot go wrong.

All in all, it’s a great product that can be used to get in shape and be healthier in 3 weeks.

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Disclaimer: I get a commission for every sale I generate as an affiliate. But that doesn’t influence my decision to review this product or my opinion towards it in any way. I’ve read the books myself and I saw their quality, and I know that this product will be a great aid for anyone who wants to lose weight in a short amount of time without affecting their health.

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