Embrace Failures and Let Them Teach You

Mistakes are that part of life that not only is inevitable, but it also can be used to improve ourselves. They shouldn’t be avoided and also not let them make us become fearful. Failures are a part of success and are the source of the best knowledge. Whenever you see a very successful person, that fulfilled

What Is Motivation and How to Get More

I want to talk about motivation today and what really is it. Because you see, you can’t get something you don’t really understand. It sounds like a simple principle but what is easy to understand is also easy to misinterpret. Motivation is the sum of all emotional reasons for us to do something. You noticed

How to Become Wealthy with Self-discipline

All self-made billionaires have something in common: they have the best habits that help them make a fortune. Basically, applying the same habits to our life is the recipe of how to become wealthy. In order to change our lives, we have to change ourselves. What is self-discipline? Self-discipline means the effort we make to do what

Getting Away from Toxic People Does Wonders for your Life

You know that belief: opposites attract? Luckily enough, we are not magnets. So that’s wrong. Everyone around you, starting from friends, co-workers, soul mate etc, are a result of your personal choice. Either if you realize it or not, those with whom you spend your time with will influence who you become. If you HAVE to

Health Goes Hand in Hand with Success

There is a strong connection between health and the ability to achieve success. There are few exceptions, but if you can add more stamina to your success while adding stamina to your body, why not doing it? Let’s break it down on how good physical condition helps your overall success. You have more energy And

There’s Greatness in You and It’s Time to Bring It Out

Give yourself some credit: You’ve been through a lot and maybe you are just tired. Let’s take a moment to appreciate our inner strength and make it come out of its shell. A shell created by a modern illusion of not being able to fulfill our dreams. A modern mentality that we are limited. We

Turning a Negative Experience into Motivation

I love this subject because I’ve come to the conclusion that tough times are happening to shape us into stronger and better human beings. But I have to admit that in the beginning, I had also had the reflex of dealing negatively with a bad event. And that was affecting my emotions, my mind, and