Our Dreams Give Our Direction in Life

We wouldn’t have anything without direction. Life is just like a wonderful journey: you need to know your destination to get somewhere. Sometimes is good to stop and smell the roses, but we are made to achieve things, to conquer, to master, to progress and to prosper. And that requires one thing: find purpose in life. Life is like a road trip and dreams are destination points We must have progress to have a

On the Road of Getting Rich Choose a Better Motivation than Money

Getting money is a never-ending game. You can always get more and how much is enough is something you only decide for yourself. The first instinct might be to get motivation from money itself, but that is something that has an opposite effect and can even lead you to failure and bankruptcy. Follow a passion and serve people You don’t get success to get happy, you get successful because you

Make People Around You Happy and You Will Be Happy

This is the definition of happiness from my point of view. Putting a smile on someone else face, making their lives a little better just because you were there, that can make you truly happy. Emotions amplify when we share them Each and every emotion we have gets amplified when you share them with other people. Happiness is no exception. Happiness is that state of greatest good feeling, that

8 Reasons Why Coffee Is Healthy for You

Who doesn’t love this dark drink? It’s the best antioxidants source in the Western diet. Sipping your cup of coffee ads more yummy to your tummy and relieves stress, keeps your heart healthy and many other amazing health benefits. Let’s brew it down to 8 proven health benefits that coffee has. 1. Coffee helps you lose weight There is almost no fat burning supplement that doesn’t contain caffeine. The reason

5 Ways to Improve your Intelligence Within a Month

Would you like to increase your intelligence within a month? Would you like to take your intelligence to the next level? If yes, I have some amazing and easy methods to tell you. Before reaching to the points, first I would like to clarify a myth related to intelligence. Intelligence means the ability to learn more and more about everything that comes across you; it is how people confuse

Search to Perfect Yourself While Knowing You’ll Never Be

As human beings, we always tend to have flaws. But the good part of it is that we can constantly improve ourselves and learn from mistakes also. And that is a key part of our evolution as a race, but it’s also a key part of having success in any life department. The difference between looking for perfection and thinking you are perfect The difference is that these two are

Dream Big to Fuel your Ambition

The human race has this amazing capacity of planning ahead their lives. We can envision something like it’s real, way before we even start to take actions into making it happen. And this vision that we have, it will serve us as a blueprint for making it real. Believe in your dreams If you think you can’t do it, that’s going to be your reality. If you think you