Love is the foundation of life

When it comes to treasures and blessings that this life has to offer, love is the greatest one of them all. We live to love, more than we love to live. Therefore, is critical for us to master this beautiful and sweet art of love. If we don’t, we can’t be truly happy and fulfilled.

Start your mornings with healthy habits for a healthy life

This is the most common reason people have unhealthy bodies: they don’t start their mornings properly. Tell me your morning habits and I will tell you your life. Our bodies are complicated machines that during night sleep, some of the processes shut down to low speeds. We need to properly take time in the morning

Set your priorities for proper time management

What is truly important for you should be your main focus. We all have big important dreams, but if we don’t protect them from time-wasting small things, we will not have enough time to focus on what our hearts want the most. Our time is limited so it should be spent on what truly matters

Motivation requires daily training

We are born to achieve greatness and to be motivated by doing so. It’s a natural skill but is a choice to practice it. We all encounter pain in life and our best choice is to choose the pain of discipline rather than the pain of regret. If there is one thing all successful people

Easy methods to make money online

It’s obvious that any kind of income is welcomed. It’s easy to make money online because these days we spend a lot of time surfing the web ; it’s a good investment if we learn easy ways to bring some extra cash in our pockets. These methods you are about to read are methods I’ve personally used myself, that

A relationship is a place where you go to give, not to take

We all have needs and we all need that kind of affection and commitment that makes you feel special. But the truth is love is much more about focusing on fulfilling other people’s needs. Of course, we need to know what we deserve and never settle for something less, but the main focus should be

The problem with modern diet: lack of proteins

Meat lovers will find this article juicy. More than 10 years ago when I started to learn about nutrition because I didn’t like the way I look, started to realize the lack of nutrients contemporary diet has. Sodas, sweet treats, fast foods, are basically energy bringers with no value. It’s like you try to build a