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Eat Stop Eat Review – Honest Opinion Regarding This Weight Loss Book

Are you looking to get an honest no BS review regarding Eat Stop Eat book? You are in the right place.

I started reviewing intermittent fasting books, and one that I truly recommend is Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.

This book is based on fasting for 24 hours 2 times a week or less, and is backed with a lot of science and exercises that you can use to kick into high-gear your weight loss. It really makes it simple to understand and apply fasting as a way of life, a thing that will accelerate your metabolism and the fat-burning process.

The weight loss industry has also a lot of junk in it and I know that. I don’t support ANY weight loss product because that makes me money, which a lot of people do. In fact, it was hard for me to find something I really like and value over the years.


Many weight loss books make you starve, and that is awful for your mental state and lifetime health

This is a book I really STAND by. I’ve tested it out myself and the results I felt are amazing.

I’ve recently discovered the power of intermittent fasting, but that is not something the author of Eat Stop Eat invented. Fasting is something we’ve done since Biblical times.

And the crazy idea is that our physiology is built around fasting. Think about it.

The modern society where we can go to the shop and buy anything we want is a very small percentage of our existence. Most of our existence we had to hunt or farm for our food, and that meant spending a lot of time working and eating when we could.

Fasting is proved by science to be more efficient than eating less at losing weight. It’s so efficient that it even helps your body create more growth hormone, which is extremely beneficial for muscle repair and weight loss.

Not to mention that compared to eating a low-calorie diet, fasting is fun and it doesn’t take a toll on our emotional and mental state. You don’t feel hunger almost at all, and you feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

There’s no wonder people have practiced fasting as a way of spiritual cleansing for ages.

Now, let’s get back to the Eat Stop Eat Review. This book has over 200 pages of valuable information about intermittent fasting and how to do it effectively.

Here’s what the author claims you will be able to do:

  • Burn fat easier and faster, ending the yoyo diets and regaining the weight.
  • Reduce your hunger feelings and getting rid of your “diet cravings”.
  • Lose weight without removing your favorite foods from your life.
  • Rejuvenate your cells and make you look younger and more energetic.
  • Increase your brain capacity and the ability to concentrate and memorize.

And all these great things without counting calories or giving up your favorite foods. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

Finally, A Weight Loss Book Backed By Science! Buy “Eat Stop Eat” Now. Promotional Price

Of course, eating healthy is still an important foundation to build up your body with vigor and longevity, but knowing that you don’t HAVE to count calories or give up foods is AMAZING. Eat 80% healthy besides your fasting and you will drop fat like a snowman would drop a lump of hot coal.

Eat Stop Eat is an amazing weight loss guide for people that are interested in fasting, and especially for those that are new on this topic.

There’s so much valuable information in this book, that you can learn a lot of things about fasting even if you are a newbie or a veteran. Having a blueprint with the exact information and action steps that you need is much better than trying it for yourself and failing over and over again.

Learning from others is what help us get there faster. It’s our humane capacity that made us evolve as a species and be the dominant force on our Planet.

You get in this book all the information you need about the benefits of fasting, how to do it properly, how to exercise to accelerate the effects of it and more. This book is extremely educational and scientific.

If you read anything that I’ve written or if you get to know me, you will find that I don’t like fake information, even if we talk about personal development or weight loss. I always choose products that are based on scientific proof, not things that promise me the world at my feet without me moving a finger.

Saying “fast for 24 hours” is easy, but the author of Eat Stop Eat is dedicating the first chapters of the book to educate the readers about the benefits of intermittent fasting and how to use it correctly.

If you ask me, education is very important when it comes to being efficient at applying a diet.


The Eat Stop Eat concept is simple but very powerful and effective

Being in a calorie deficit, something NECESSARY to lose weight, without starving yourself or give up your favorite foods is like a dream come true.

No matter what diet program you follow, you need to get in a calorie deficit to lose weight. That’s the truth and simple math. You need to burn more calories than you consume.

That’s easy to understand!

The problem with many diet programs is that they make you starve yourself while eating boring foods and feel like a hungry zombie all the time.

Studies proved that this is a TERRIBLE way to lose weight. It messes up your entire metabolism, and all that you can think about is eating.

Restrictive diets are extremely harmful to your body, and I think you know that since you probably tried one too. Let’s talk about some proven negative effects that you certainly recognize.

Negative effects of restrictive diets:

  • Insufficient nutrient intake.
  • Nutrient deficiencies.
  • Body preoccupation and unhealthy food.
  • Repeated cycles of gaining weight and losing weight.
  • Distraction from other health goals that are more important.
  • Low self-esteem and increased risk of depression and suicide.
  • Disordered eating and eating disorders.

Who wants to live like that?

This is why I don’t like and I don’t support fad diets, juice cleanses or drinking expensive tea that is supposed to help you lose weight (the only tea you need to lose weight is green tea. Period!).

They are BS, and people that sell you this information are only taking advantage of your suffering.

Listen, losing weight isn’t complicated.

Eat healthily.

Drink plenty of water.


And that’s it.

You can lose weight only by practicing these 3 things, as simple as that. But losing weight is a process that takes time.

That’s why only a diet that you can KEEP your entire life is an effective diet. If you have to get out of that diet, you are going to put the weight back.

Fasting is more like a lifestyle than a diet. You can eat what you ate until now and still lose weight by applying intermittent fasting.

Is simply taking advantage of your natural processes of burning glycogen and fat storages. Since you don’t eat anything during fasting, your body will use your resources.


What you get in Eat Stop Eat product

Using the Eat Stop Eat system you get:

  • Clarity. You know how to fast and when, clearly detailed.
  • Relaxation. No more stress regarding calorie counting or removing your favorite foods from your life.
  • A simple system that you can apply all your life. It’s simple, amazing and proved by science to help you lose weight and stay young for a very long time.


eat stop eat review fastingbooks

This book works great because is extremely simple and applicable. Let’s say that you consume 2,000 calories per day in a normal satisfying diet. That means you consume 14,000 calories per week. With a traditional method of cutting back calories, you would have to reduce 500 calories each day to lose weight over time. That means 10,500 calories per week.

Eating 1,500 calories when you need 2,000 is extremely awful and something that you can’t keep for too long.

But with the Eat Stop Eat system, you can still eat 2,000 calories and fast for 24 hours 2 times per week. In fact, you lose even more weight than in the first case.

14,000 calories per week – 4,000 calories from 2x 24 hours fast = 10,000 calories per week.

You manage to eat 1428 calories per day without:

  • Removing delicious foods.
  • Feeling bad all the time.
  • Feeling like a hungry zombie.

You also get more HGH (human growth hormone) which helps you build more muscle mass, lose more weight and has anti-aging properties.

What I also like about this book is the fact that it is backed by a lot of science. There are 20 pages at the end of the book dedicated only to references and scientific studies. The author really did his homework on the effects of intermittent fasting and how to apply it.

This is not a book that promises you magic effects or overnight success, because you know these things don’t exist. The Eat Stop Eat author gives you realistic expectations and it mentions that this diet is effective if you implement it for the long-term. It also lets you know that is ok to slip out of it now and then, nobody has discipline 100% of the time.

The “secret” to it is that you don’t have to use calorie deficiency every day and you don’t have to give up your favorite foods. And like I said, fasting is much more pleasant and rejuvenating than starvation.

The key to an effective intermittent fasting is that you can’t activate your digestive system. Many people go for hours without eating and they don’t lose weight, and that is simply because they are consuming something with calories (even a small amount) that will activate their digestive system, creating hunger and a lot of unpleasant effects.

To understand more about the difference between fasting and eating less, read about the Minnesota Starvation Experiment. This was a study done with 36 men between 1944 and 1945 that included 6 months of a low-calorie diet of 1,500 calories. The participants suffered severe physiological and psychological effects, including depression, hysteria, severe emotional distress and extreme reactions like self-mutilation.

The conclusion is clear.

Intermittent fasting = Awesome for our bodies.

Low-calorie diets = Torture for our bodies.

You will learn all you need to know about intermittent fasting and how to apply it for major weight loss in the book Eat Stop Eat. And you can also get your money back in 60 days if you are not satisfied with the book, which is a guarantee you have nothing to lose.

This book is worth every penny.


What people say about Eat Stop Eat

Let’s see what customers that purchased Eat Stop Eat have to say about this book.

This book was recommended in an article that I was reading. Started the fasting program and it is working! I tend to be an emotional eater , plus I just enjoy food ! The book makes sense & is a easy read!

– Curtis Templeton


The info on the benefits of fasting is nothing new, but how he explains this type of fasting that you can easily apply it to your life is great.

– Flomarcon G. Domingo


As a certified fitness trainer and competitive bodybuilder, I’ve read many books on nutrition, weight loss, diet and fasting. In this book author provides a common sense and balanced approach, while providing the scientific data to back it, that provides much needed simplicity on a topic that has been muddled with unnecessary complexity. I highly recommend it.

– Jeffrey Bradford


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Finally, A Weight Loss Book Backed By Science! Buy “Eat Stop Eat” Now. Promotional Price


Disclaimer: I get a commission for every sale I generate as an affiliate. But that doesn’t influence my decision to review this product or my opinion towards it in any way. I’ve read the book myself and I saw its quality, and I know that it will be a great aid for anyone who wants to try intermittent fasting and want a clear blueprint to do that.

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