The Practical Guide To Achieve Anything

 Building The Life You Want Ebook - The Practical Guide To Achieve Anything


Do you want to achieve your dreams faster than you could think possible?


Building The Life You Want is the ebook that helps you achieve anything you want.


• Designed with simplicity and your success at the core, it contains a very clear and easy to apply action plan created to aid you make any goal a reality.


• 10% of the revenues from this book are donated to Save The Children foundation.

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It’s the distilled product of years of personal development training and practicing. I always felt that there are a lot of vague ideas in the motivational niche and I had this vision of creating a step by step blueprint for high achievements, that brings clarity but also results.


That’s how I started writing this book.


You want to achieve success, but most of the times the pathway seems foggy and it’s when we get back to the basics the moment we start to really move towards our goals.


There is no achievement without action. Knowing is not enough unless it is applied. Building The Life You Want is the call for action and the guide that shows you how to put it in practice.


Here is what you get when you purchase this ebook:

• An action plan that has 7 chapters and it’s designed to be applied to any goal you want. Either if you want to lose weight, make more money or have a beautiful loving relationship, you can make it a reality with these 7 steps.

• Pearls of wisdom and high-performance habits that will help you elevate your success and make your dream life a reality.

• Clarity and precision when it comes to what you really have to do in order to achieve the things you want.

• A blueprint that can be used to create anything your mind conceives and your heart desires. It can be used over and over again, whenever you feel stuck or you want to elevate your results.

• The opportunity of transforming your life in ways that you couldn’t believe possible. All these success strategies have been tested in my personal life and brought amazing results.

Here is what you don’t get when you purchase this ebook:

• A magic formula.

• Incantations.

• Visualizations.

• Hopeful wishing.

• A secret.


Everybody knows by now that there is no secret and no shortcut to success. Success is the result of simple disciplines practiced every day. I know you are a high achiever that believes in the power of your own actions because you are reading this. This ebook contains the specific disciplines that will help you tremendously achieve your wildest dreams if you put them in practice.


   Building The Life You Want reviews:

Once I put my “hand” on this book I couldn’t let it go. It captivates me completely. I loved IT. Such a useful book. It helped me a lot trying to figure out my life, what I needed to do to make my life the way I wanted it to be. Great writer, good book. I loved the examples. The way the book is written. The fact that is simple, with the essential things and exactly like it is supposed to be: a guide. I will totally return to this book every time I need to, with a lot of pleasure. I can’t wait to see what this writer prepares for us in the future.
Aneta V.

A pleasant, concise, inspiring and overall an insightful read!
Oliver B.

Wow! I am amazed by the simplicity of this book, while it provides powerful insights that make it crystal clear what you need to do to achieve your dreams. I wanted to increase my income and I was confused by what I needed to do and this book really helped me get clear and start acting fast. The results are already visible! Awesome.
Dean L.


All I am asking is to give yourself a chance and really apply the action steps at the end of each chapter. It will revolutionize your life and will help you achieve anything that you want, regardless of how big it is.


To your success and fulfillment,
Cornel Manu
founder of